Discover America with deRV Adventure
Our all-inclusive tours offer you the opportunity to experience the United States.  As
leader of a deRV Adventure, teachers and chaperones travel FREE with a fully booked
RV of students.  But whether you are a family, couple, teacher, chaperone, or student,
you will travel in style and comfort in one of our luxury RVs as you camp, 4x4, boat, raft,
hike, cave, and climb America's vast and varied lands like you never have before.

All deRV adventures include:
  • FREE travel for Teachers and Chaperones and $$$$ Stipend $$$$
  • Deluxe Recreational Vehicle accommodations
  • Flight
  • Fuel costs
  • Food costs
  • Camping fees
  • Admittance to National Parks
  • Adventure outings
  • Local guides, tours, and trips
  • Custom travel plans for your group

Rent an RV with deRV Adventure and be on your way to one of many destinations
across the country.  Follow our efficient and fun-filled travel plans that allow your group
to get the most of its adventure.  Don't be a tourist and waste your trip in airports,
hotels, and tour buses.  From the moment your group departs, your deRV Adventure
will be underway.  

Though you will have a final destination, every part of your trip will be an adventure.  Go
beyond the fences and the rails with local and licensed professionals.  Experience the
bottom of the Grand Canyon, raft whitewater rapids, awe at the world's largest trees,
explore undiscovered caves, and touch the Arctic ocean.
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2 Teachers or Chaperones Travel
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