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This is not a legally binding copy of your lease.  The terms provided here are only a
generic summary posted for your quick reference.

The Tenants shall give ninety (90) days notice prior to the expiration of this lease of
Tenants’ intention not to renew this Lease.  In the event a ninety-day notice is not
given, this Lease shall continue on a month-to-month basis, which shall require sixty
(60) days notice to terminate.

Tenants will be responsible for all utilities including, gas, water/electric/sewer,
television, and telephone.

The total number of unrelated Tenants allowed to occupy this property is four.  There
shall be no assignability of this Lease.

All complaints regarding the property, excluding emergencies, shall be made in
writing by both the Landlord and the Tenants.

No large parties shall be permitted at any time.  In the event such a party is held, the
Landlord may automatically terminate the Lease.

There shall be no loud noise or loud playing of radio, phonograph, stereo equipment,
televisions, etc.  In the event the Landlord receives one complaint and upon notice to
the Tenants of each complaint, the Landlord may terminate the Lease at his sole

The Tenants agree to keep the home and surrounding property clean and orderly at
all times to prevent rodent and insect infestation as well as to abide by all City of
Newark laws.  The Tenants agree to deliver the home and surrounding property at
termination of this Lease in a condition acceptable to the Landlord.  Any repairs,
maintenance, or modifications required to be performed by the Landlord to return the
premises to acceptable condition shall be deducted from the Tenants’ security

There shall be no smoking in the house.

There shall be no pets in the house.

The Tenants shall be responsible for the exterior cleanliness and care of the lawn
and snow and ice removal.

The Tenants shall make no modifications or repairs to the home or surrounding

The Tenants shall not sub-lease the house without prior written approval from the

The Landlord shall reserve the right to enter the apartment from time to time for the
purpose of inspection, repair, or showing to prospective tenants in accordance with
the Delaware Residential Landlord-Tenant Code.

The Tenants shall maintain a “Renter’s Insurance Policy” with the Landlord as an
additional insured.  Property coverage should be of an amount sufficient to cover the
Tenants’ personal property stored on the premises.  A copy of the declaration page
shall be forwarded to the Landlord prior to move-in.
Terms of Lease